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Kabarrijbi Wangkijbi Spectacular
'The Coming Together of Native Nations'

The Kabarrijbi Wangkijbi Spectacular is the centrepiece of the Cultural entertainment at the Gulf Country Frontier Days Festival. This 'Coming together of Native Nations' sees Indigenous Australian's and First Nations people's from around the world join in a celebration of culture, through dance and music. 

Live Music

The Gulf Country Frontier Days Festival includes three nights packed full of live music from both national and international acts, focussing on Indigenous and First Nations artists. 

Inaugural Indigenous Rodeo Championships

The Gulf Country Frontier Days Festival marks a new era for Indigenous Rodeo in Australia, with the National Indigenous Rodeo Championships. Riders from around the Gulf joined the some of Australia's best to battle it out for the Frontier Days Rodeo Buckles, and make their mark on Australian Rodeo History.